Membership Contacts

CGG welcomes new members who are working adults and can commit some time to give back to society, regardless of who you are or what you do.

How much time do you have to commit?

  • Meetings (once every 1-3 months) – Usually on a weekend as and when required.
  • Collection & Sorting (once or twice a year) – Of clothes, dried food and toys for projects like our fund raising projects. Also on weekends.
  • Project days (1-2 days of max thrice a year) – Fund raising, visit local homes, etc. Also on weekends.
  • Annual Charity Trips (5 working days) – Usually year end after Christmas. From 26th or 27th to Jan 1.

So if you think you can commit and contribute to the group and make a difference in a kid’s life, please email us at

More information can be found here:


Facebook: Care Givers Group


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