Car Boot Sale A Roaring Success!

CGG had its first ever car boot sale last weekend and it was indeed a roaring success. Our members braved the rain and sun and wind… ok they love the wind… throughout the 2 days to raise some funds to help us get more stuff for our annual charity trip this year to Ipoh, Malaysia.

Just to clarify a little, the funds raised, although not much, will help us a long way to help our target orphanages which consist of handicap ones. Those poor kids are basically left for dead just because they are born deformed. So we are helping these shelters and homes in a little way of bringing food and supplies to them to reduce their burden of 40-80 incapable kids… I heard some are adults already. And of course, at the same time, bring their joy to them to tell them that there are people who care for them in the world we live in other than their ******* parents. I would also like to clarify that the funds raised are NOT for our expenses for our bus ride there and back or for lodging also. It’s only used for buying the food and supplies for these homes. Our members know that the expenses of transport and lodging are the least they can contribute to the whole meaning of the trip and that is on top of their other contributions.

Nevertheless, on behalf of the whole committee and members of CGG, I thank all our friends who came by to support our efforts… especially those who came in public transport… and in the rain… We are inspired that we are indeed heading the right directions in our little contributions back to society.

We still have loads of stuff to clear, so keep a look out here or our CGG Facebook page. You can buy them from our members separately. Will load up the events pics once I receive them from the photographer… the current ones I have are so small I cannot even see when I enlarge… Take care y’all and God bless! 🙂

With Gratitude,

Big Roy


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