Fund Bake Project A Success!

Our recent Fund Bake Project was a success! We were almost filled up for the event and not only we had fun, but also learnt how to bake cupcakes and make tiramisus! Before we load the pictures up to whet your appetites, we would like to give few shout outs to the following people who made the event a successful one!


  1. Sharon
  2. Iris
  3. Effie
  4. Lay Kuan
  5. Gary
  6. Suyi
  7. Xiao Fang
  8. Bernard
  9. Yee Yan
  10. Sock Chih
  11. Sze Wei
  12. Han Joo
  13. Shen Jau
  14. Roy

Donations For The Event:

  1. Ngoh Shwu Lan
  2. Sharon’s Friends
  3. Manoj Gupta
  4. Issaree
  5. Sock Chih
  6. Han Joo

Special Thanks Going Out To:

  1. Nur – Chef
  2. Raj – For lending us her home to hold the event

Total amount collected: SGD$612.00


Getting started


Chef Nur

Beating Up The Butter

Lending A Hand

Swirling Time

Partial Hands On

Err... Don't look too good right? But after baking it's delicious!

The aroma was killing us!

The result of our hard work!

Whipping the cream

Everyone's trying...

Adding the cheese

Laying the fingers for Tiramisu

Lending a hand again...

Adding the final touches

These were made a day earlier for participants to bring home!

Topping up the cocoa powder

Group photo


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