Very tiring day today as all the members did not really sleep very well on the bus due to all the shaking and the bus took longer than usual to arrive at Ipoh. Slightly more than 8 hours! Usually 6.5 to 7 hours only. But I guess safety comes first and we can’t check in the hotel so early anyways.

When we arrived at 7am at our hotel, we stored our stuff at the conceirge before heading to the famous dim sum place Fo San for breakfast. After our hearty breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to work on the things to buy for the homes. We managed to check into our rooms at around 9.30am, and we rested before headed out at 2pm for lunch at the famous big tree foot place. After lunch we split into groups to take charge of buying stuffs separately so that it will not be that confusing.

We headed to some distribution place to buy loads of instant noodles and snacks at distributors’ area. After which we proceeded to Tesco to buy so much stuff that we needed 6 shopping carts and the cashier took about half an hour just to clear us out. After which we headed back to the hotel to start packing the goodie bags for the kids and had our briefing. Very tiring day, but it’s worth it.

To view pictures for Day 1, please check out this link.!/album.php?aid=267467&id=189459588186

Will update more tomorrow. Need to hit the sack… 🙂

Bear hugs,

Big Roy


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