Chocolates… Vehicle…

Have you ever come across a kid who has NEVER eaten or tasted chocolates before? I have. And I was reminded again during a recent conversation with the principal of our beneficiary for our Project Guizhou, Project Toilet 2011 ( efforts. He actually ask me if we can bring some sweets or candies for the kids as they love them. I said of course! We’ve got it all planned out and will bring chocolates as well. Then he replied in Chinese,”Our students here have never tried chocolates before…” Sad right? then I thought about kids living in the cities… or back home… They probably eat selective brands of chocolates… Damn depressing after I heard those words from him. Hence those funds raised in SG, we will be buying stuffs to put into a goodie bag for them. Total 142 kids. Somehow I wish my business friends who owns factories can supply school bags for them… But hard facts of life, no response… hence I also won’t ask even though they know I have a charity group ongoing…

I was also talking to the car rental company which will be providing us a bus with driver to bring us to and fro from Guiyang and the school. The lady I spoke to is a young graduate who just started working not too long ago. She told me what we are doing changed her perspective of life and she feels so small compared to us. I told her don’t even say that… every little effort counts, no matter how small it is. What CGG is doing is definitely considered small as compared to those charity giants like you know who… But if we can touch the hearts of even one person, we know what we are doing is definitely on the right track and that will spur us to do even more! That lady even mentioned that she will use us as an example from now onwards. I was so touched after hearing those words. I believe our CGG members felt the same as I did. Touching someone’s heart, someone who is more than 3000km away, someone whom we don’t even know…

You wanna know what our vision is? This is one of them.

Care always,

Big Roy 😉

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