Spirit of Giving

Just received a cash donation via paypal from a friend in UK whom I haven’t seen for 2 decades! Yes, 20 years… And no, I’m not old… ;P. And also a couple of months ago, I’ve received 2 cash donations TTed into my personal bank account. Of which one is an old pal and the other, also someone whom I’ve not seen for more than a decade! 14 years to be exact! (Seriously, I’m not old! ;P) Anyways, on behalf of CGG and the kids we’re helping, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m totally elated that what we are doing touches the hearts of others, even though what we’re doing can be replicated by anyone. We don’t ask for donations openly and we don’t coerce anyone to donate either. Friends and relatives donate on their own accord and they trust that we’ll utilize the funds honestly in the best manner possible.

I’m feeling the Christmas’ spirit of giving is in the air, do you? 😉

With gratitude,
Big Roy


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