Members Meeting Cum Dinner

As our members are all so busy with our working lives, we finally met up and nailed down this year’s annual charity trip and we are heading to Chiang Rai! Chiang Rai is the northern part of Thailand and is a place where the famous Golden Triangle is. Many children are from across the borders of Myanmar and Laos, and are of hill-tribe origins. Most of them do not have Thai identity, hence when they grow up, they will have difficulties finding a job, let alone of having the right to own a house. Hence hopefully we can help by donating foodstuffs and necessities to make their lives a little better.

We have also identified 3 homes/shelters to visit, bring joy to them and spreading the love. We will be confirming with these homes soon on their availability during the period which we will be flying up.

We will also be having a fund raising event to not just raise funds but also to keep in touch with our friends who have been supporting CGG for the past 6 years! We shall be posting the event soon! Stay tuned!

Nevertheless, despite my tired mind and aching body from work, I would still wanna write this post and thank all members who have turned up for the meeting and dinner, who have thought of all matters with regards to the trip and our local projects. Thank you for your support all these years and keeping this group going strong! All these from the bottom of my heart!

(Missing in the pic: Fang and Lay Kuan)

With gratitude,
Big Roy ❤️


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