Project Cambodia 2009 A Success!

It all started with a little dream of mine, we formulated the plans, made the necessary arrangements and the entire trip was a success!

Care Givers Group (CGG) trip to Cambodia from 27-31 Dec 2009 was a resounding success and we couldn’t have done it without the help from so many people!

Firstly, I would like to give thanks to God for His guidance and constant protection over all members throughout the trip.

I would like to also thank all friends of our members who have contributed in the form of clothes and cash. Your contributions gave us more mileage when we were buying for the kids. The names of the cash donors are:

  1. Sandra Koh
  2. Manoj Gupta
  3. DJ
  4. Steve
  5. Chong
  6. Effie (Extra contribution)
  7. Rajdeep Kaur
  8. Emily Wong
  9. Andrea Entoney
  10. All members of CGG

Last but not least, special thanks are going out to all CGG members for their commitment, hard work and contributions. I wouldn’t have done it without everyone’s effort and you made this dream come true which resulted in brightening up so many kids! Please continue in your own way, influencing those around you to do like wise. 

Pictures are already loaded on our Facebook Page. Please check them out! I’m looking forward to our trip this year already. Venue yet to be decided but definitely in Asia as CGG aims to help less fortunate kids in Asia only. Hopefully we will have more support from our friends and associates this year so that we can scale up our projects annually. Hope those who missed out last year will join us this year. Set aside 5-7 days for us!

This has been an unforgettable experience, a great Christmas gift and a lovely advance birthday present.

Thank you all and may the Lord be with us! 🙂


Yours thankfully,

Big Roy


Sorting Out Day Of Old Clothes

CGG sorted out all our collection of old clothes yesterday but we only managed to sort out for 2 orphanages. Nevertheless, everything will have to be resolved by the 19th Dec where we will have our final meeting to tie up all loose ends.

Clothes clothes and clothes

Clothes clothes clothes and clothes

Clothes clothes clothes clothes and more clothes

There are more to sort out… so CGG members please standby on the 19th Dec to pack big time. Thanks! 🙂

Project Cambodia 2009

Hi there,

We are a non-formal charity group which is formed by a group of working adults who wish to do hands-on charity and get up close with the poor kids in Asia. We will organise annual trips to some parts of Asia for this purpose.

Our first trip will be this coming Dec for Project Cambodia. As it’s our very first trip, we are keeping our group small so that we learn how are these charity trips conducted and hope to recruit more like-minded members in the near future.

Date: 27th to 31st Dec 2009

Venue: Siem Reap

Purpose: Bring joy to the kids of 3 extremely poor orphanages