Hey peeps!

Finally the video for our trip last year is uploaded on our Facebook page! Check out now and enjoy what we experienced during the whole trip!

The video took quite a while to be edited as it was a pretty lengthy one and our videographer member Eugene is just like us too, a busy working adult! So special thanks to him for those painstaking nights and weekends that he sacrificed to get this vid done! *clap*clap*clap*

Stay tuned for this year’s activity and do join us to make a difference! God bless!

With gratitude,

Big Roy


Dear CGG friends,

After a tormenting long wait, the toilet is finally done. The delay is due to the bad weather in Guizhou especially on the mountain tops, it’s always wet. Hence the wood master couldn’t dry the wood thoroughly to ensure that the wood will not decay in the near future.

After 4 and half months after our trip, we can finally see what we have contributed to build. The children were super excited today as it was their first time in this proper toilet which is a lot better than the shaky previous one! Thank you donors once again, you know who you are! 🙂 Stay tune for this year’s Project Guizhou 2012! We need all the help we can get to raise funds for new tables and chairs! 🙂

Check out the pics below for the toilet work in progress and complete work!

Big Roy 😉

Structure up first

Built on a solid cement base for keeping the crap for agriculture

Dangerous slope behind…

Roof is up!

Wood master at work

Attention to details is important!

Solid ceiling structures are built to protect the children if zinc roof is blown off by strong winds


Girls & Boys..

8 girls can all go at one time

Boys also 8 at one time… but with a better view… hmmm… ;P

There you go… the final product!


Toilet is far away from school block so that students will not be affected by the smell… ;P



Hey folks,

Reckon we should include this expenditure list so that our donors will know what we have spent on. But I couldn’t upload this while I was in Shanghai due to network problem in China and hence doing it now in SG before flying back this week.

Below are total expenses for the entire trip and balance will be carried forward for our annual project this year. And as usual, all travel expenses are forked out by our members themselves without touching on the raised funds and that all expenses were discussed with all participating members before coming to those decisions for expenditure.

No Items RMB$ Est. SGD$
1 Goodie Bags (Chocs,   Gummies, Rice Biscuits)  $       409.42  $      85.30
2 Stationery  $    2,054.40  $     428.00
3 Toilet Building
Pre-paid  $ 10,000.00  $ 2,083.33
Cash  $    9,500.00  $ 2,014.00
4 Shoes  $    4,550.00  $     947.92
5 Cash Donation to   Student
王老糯  & Family  $    2,000.00  $     416.67
Grand Total Spent  $28,513.82  $5,975.21
*exchange rate: SGD0.48:RMB$1.00

Care always,

Big Roy


For all our Guizhou pictures, please check them out at!/media/set/?set=a.10150508540208187.389969.189459588186&type=1&aft=10150508580263187


Project Guizhou team is back and we have loads of pictures to upload and hence we will need some time to do that. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you all about our experiences during the whole trip and what we can do more over in Guizhou.

On the 27th Dec, the PG team took a 5+ hour flight from Singapore to Shanghai and as soon as we landed, we went to the hypermarket Metro to shop for our goodies for the goodie bags. We rested early as we have to embark for Guiyang City early next morning.

On the 28th morning, we arrived at the airport at 6am+ and took a 3+hour flight to Guiyang City. We had more than 80kg of baggages checked in. As soon as we arrived, we checked into the motel and headed to shop for provisions for the road as we had to have our breakfast on the road the next day. When our stationery shipment arrived in the evening, we started packing the goodie bags and it was like a production assembly line. When we were done, it was passed midnight and everyone headed for bed as we had to set off early towards Rongjiang.

Checked out at 7am and we loaded the mini bus with all our stuff. Good thing we took a bigger bus as we barely had enough seats for the 7 of us. Took us 4 hours of highway to reach Rongjiang town, where we met up with a teacher who will be guiding our driver to the school. We headed to Congjiang town to stop for lunch break and took us 2 hours to reach there via super bumpy roads. After a simple lunch, we headed up the mountains for another 1000m above sea level ride. Roads are narrow and wet (thanks to the rain earlier) and the sides are steep slopes.

Finally we reached the school after more than an hour of super bumpy and dangerous roads. But those anxieties were gone when we saw the students lining up outside the school gate, welcoming us warmly with firecrackers! We were served with their traditional rice wine at the gates by their 6th grader girls in their customary attires. Then we all went in to view the school. The air up in the mountains we thin but the freshness is beyond words. We felt like we were cleaning our lungs! J

While I was inspecting the base of the toilet which was already built for the waste to be collected, I was told the wood is ready soon for construction of the toilet. Most likely can be completed sometime in Feb due to the coming Chinese New Year holidays. While I was inspecting our donation, the kids were already lined up at the basketball court and very obediently waiting for us to interact with them. I gave my usual short speech and gave out the goodie bags immediately after. The children were so happy upon receiving new stationeries and sweets & snacks. It was quite saddening when we realized that these kids have never seen those kinds of candies and chocolates before and we have to tell them that they were edible before they started devouring them all! At the same time, we gave out the greeting cards which we sold to donors who would write their well wishes for the kids, everyone has one! Shortly after, we took out the cartons of new shoes and the kids went wild! They were so excited over their new sports shoes as they have been wearing those Jiefang shoes (army shoes) or farmers’ boots. Every kid has a pair and we told them they can exchange with each other if it doesn’t fit. Some of them put them on immediately! It was really heartwarming to see the glee on their faces!

Then in front of everyone, I presented the rest of the funds for the building of the toilet to their cashier and they were thanking us profusely. We then realized that no one has visited them before and we were the first! Looking back at the journey we took, it was no wonder at all. Then our members started taking on their basketball team for a quick game. In no time at all, all were breathless due to the thin air but it was all good fun. I on the other hand was touring around the school with the principal, visiting the various classrooms and checking out the condition of their tables and chairs. Only the Grade 3 classroom has 20 sets of new tables and chairs, which was donated by someone. The rest were still very filmsy wooden ones which I reckon will last the most another year. Then I asked the principal if there are orphans in the school. He told me there are but they are looked after by their grandparents or relatives, while some are single parents. He then highlighted to me there’s one particular Grade 6 student, 黄老糯 who is facing extreme conditions in the family. His dad has very bad liver problem and his mum is the only breadwinner in the family by helping in other people’s fields. I later found out from some contacts that they don’t earn more than RMB$2000 a year! So I told them principal, we should pay them a visit and we set off on foot immediately after.

After walking up the muddy slopes for about 250 meters, we finally reached the boy’s place. It is a shabby looking little hut on the outside and after entering the small entrance, we realized the space inside is really very small. There’s a fireplace in the middle of the house where they also cook their food besides keeping warm. Then there’s a small room adjoining the living space where 3 of them would sleep inside. Very very small and the floor is the soil ground which we stepped on outside. Then we found out his dad’s medical expenses were too high and they can only afford cheap local medicines. Then we noticed also there are many awards for this boy for his studies and sports. And also found out that he has to help his mum in the fields every day after coming back from school. We were all so sadden by the whole situation. Here is a boy who is trying his best at school and yet has to face the hardships in livelihood. In no time at all, we reckon he might just drop out of school to find work to earn money for the family. Hence we discussed among ourselves and decided to donate RMB$2000 to help them tide through the livelihood part. They cannot even afford oil and salt! As we were leaving, we then passed the money to the mother and told the boy to study hard and don’t let his parents down. He broke down into tears and our members quickly got out of the house as they couldn’t take it as well. After which, his dad starting crying badly and his mum started to tear as well… We quickly bided our farewell and left with teary eyes.

We then solemnly headed back to the school for dinner. I brought our Singapore’s curry chicken paste and coconut milk and taught them how to cook it. It turned out very nice. The whole dinner experience with the teachers and principal was so warm (other than the drinking part) and we felt their great hospitality and sincerity. It was a shame we couldn’t stay overnight because of the tight timeline for flight back, hence we had to rush off after dinner. The mountainous roads are not good for early morning travelling. So we bided our farewells and headed back to Guiyang town, where we rested for a night and debriefed in the next morning before our flight back to Shanghai.

Unlike all our other trips, this trip was the toughest. Road journeys were very long, our members have to fork out more money themselves to travel to and fro, we faced really poor kids and really poor school that require a lot of help and at the same time, we raised the most money for the year 2011. Raising more money could be due to more people are getting to know what we do and also we have more support from our family, colleagues and friends. Nevertheless, we have to thank all these people who made it possible for us to successfully complete our projects! The list of these beautiful people are as follows:


No. Name Amount
1 Lim Guan Leng  $         25.00
2 Geraldine Yap  $         25.00
3 Ye Ling  $         25.00
4 Janet Han  $       150.00
5 Denise Shen  $         75.00
6 Kuah Hoe Chuan Roy  $         50.00
7 Marisca Neo  $         50.00
8 Peter Tan  $         50.00
9 Angeline Wong  $         25.00
10 Eric Yee  $         50.00
11 Lim Chee Tiong  $       100.00
12 June Chiam  $         25.00
13 Tuan Xiao Qian  $         50.00
14 Joanna Tan  $         50.00
15 Adeline Koh  $       100.00
16 Betty  $         25.00
17 Tham Yoke Ping  $         50.00
18 Shirley Tay  $         50.00
19 Elizabeth Yeo  $         25.00
20 Christopher Tong  $         25.00
21 Eunice  $         50.00
22 Angela Wong  $         50.00
Total (minus ingredients)  $ 1,005.00


No Name Amount
1 Yee Yan  $            5.00
2 Meiyin  $            5.00
3 Effie Chew  $            5.00
4 Teh Lay Kuan  $            5.00
5 Tan Kuan Wee  $            5.00
6 Donny Lai  $            5.00
7 Derrick Ang  $         10.00
8 Ratih/Riko  $            5.00
9 Chen Hui Chi  $            5.00
10 Cheryl Chia  $          50.00
11 Peixian  $          20.00
12 Kelvin and Ellis  $          20.00
13 Bernard Teo  $          50.00
14 Wong Liyan  $            5.00
15 Tey Ju Nie  $            5.00
16 Ellyn Kok  $            5.00
17 Anna Tan  $            5.00
18 Lee Huili  $            5.00
19 Chan Jianxiong  $            5.00
20 Chua Kai Meng  $            5.00
21 Tay Nam Beng  $            5.00
22 Linda Kunardi  $            5.00
23 Steve lai  $            5.00
24 Sally  $         30.00
25 Heng Lee Cheng  $         10.00
26 Khuntontong Puttachat  $         20.00
27 Puay  $         50.00
28 Kong Tuck Chee  $         20.00
29 Wei Ling  $         25.00
30 Natalie Bay  $       100.00
31 Lim Peck Cheng  $         50.00
32 Loh Sai Yin  $         10.00
33 Wilson Lui  $           5.00
34 Low Huimin  $         20.00
35 Emily Ng  $         20.00
36 Cha S. Weng  $         50.00
37 Sue Yap  $         10.00
38 Lindawaty Khong  $         15.00
39 Erich Lee/ Lilian Leong/ Sean   Lee/ Eugene Lee  $         20.00
40 Quek Sze Wei  $       100.00
41 Ho Xinning  $           5.00
42 Mo Xiulian/Huang Qingxiang/Chen Nianchun/Lin Renjiao/Liao Lanxian/Cai Huiliang/Yang Fenglan/Lin Juanwen/ Chen Bixin  $         50.00
43 Lina Nai  $         50.00
44 Leong Man Chun  $         10.00
45 Brenda Nai  $         20.00
46 Ampara Aramcharoen  $         20.00
Total raised:  $       950.00


No Name  Cash Donation
1 Effie Chew  $                  95.00
2 Teh Lay Kuan  $                200.00
3 Donny Lai  $                  15.00
4 Wong Liyan  $                  45.00
5 Tey Ju Nie  $                     5.00
6 Ellyn Kok  $                     5.00
7 Anna Tan  $                     2.00
8 Lee Huili  $                     3.00
9 Chua kai meng  $                     5.00
10 Steve lai  $                     5.00
11 Royston Ong  $                200.00
12 William Chua  $                500.00
13 TC Wee  $                  20.00
14 Lee Kim Kiok  $                  20.00
15 Wee Xin Lin  $                  20.00
16 Wee Xin Hui  $                  20.00
17 Wee Xin Min  $                  20.00
18 Iris Wee  $                100.00
19 Marisca Neo  $                100.00
20 Tuan Xiao Qian  $                  50.00
21 Shirley Tay  $                  50.00
22 Angela Wong  $                  50.00
23 Chng Lay Lee  $                200.00
24 Ng Khuang Choo Amy  $                130.00
25 Xiu Ying  $                  50.00
26 Poh Eng  $                  50.00
27 Tan Weiguang  $                  50.00
28 Amelia Lim  $                  50.00
29 Kelvin Ang  $                  50.00
30 Diana Tan  $                100.00
31 Chan Shen Jau  $                  50.00
32 Roy Lim  $              1,041.67
33 Roy’s Godsister  $              1,041.67
Total Raised  $                    4,343.33


No Items Donated Donor Name Amount
1 Shoes (150 pairs) Weiling  $       200.00
Yanjing  $           200.00
Vivien  $    100.00
Xiyun  $           100.00
Jenny  $           300.00
 Total of $900.00
2 20 sets of writing paper + markers Chan Kok Mei
3 7pcs Electric Heater Pillows For Project Guizhou Team Mr Xu
4 Discounts given for mini bus rental 阳光租车网
5 Sponsorship for additional frieght costs for sports shoes 鞋狂007
6 Discounts given for stationeries 威威龙专业学生用品
7 Free airport pick ups and drop offs for Project Guizhou Team YEAP Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Before I forget, I would like to thank all CGG members who have helped in any way to make this project a success! Especially the team who committed themselves to go for this trip. Such projects cannot be done without all your help! Last but not least, I’d like to thank God for keeping us safe and sane as well as guiding us in our actions throughout the entire trip!

Keep a lookout for Project Guizhou 2012! 😉

Care always,

Big Roy 


Project Guizhou team arrived in Shanghai after a 5+ hours flight from Singapore yesterday. After checking in hotel, we went straight to Metro megamart to buy goodies for the kids. We decided to up the budget a little more so that the kids have more to go around in their goodie bags.

After shopping, we head on to have our late dinner almost 10pm. We had a fabulous BBQ dinner by the roadside in the cold winter weather. Everyone loved the food!

Departing for Guizhou this morning… more updates soon. 🙂

Big Roy ;P

Announcement Made!

Hey y’all,

Some news from one of our members about a lady using the name 爱心团 for fund raising in the name of charity in China. I found out personally as well many people are using that name as well. Hence I hereby announce that Care Givers Group will be known as 新加坡爱心团 with immediate effect, without causing any confusion or friction in our cause of charity works in the near future. 🙂

I’ve just remitted RMB$5000 yesterday to the principal of our beneficiary primary school for Project Guizhou, Project Toilet 2011, so that he will use that money to pay for the deposit for the builders for the toilet to start chopping down wood to dry and ultimately use them for the toilet. When he first told me about chopping trees down, I was like “WHAO… I hope you guys are planting back more trees for every tree you chop!” He reassured me that those guys are in the business of selling and exporting wood… their livelihood depends on it… hence planting back of trees is a MUST!

The principal also made an announcement recently to the students that CGG will be donating and building a new toilet for them and that we will be visiting them at the end of Dec. They were all so happy and excited they started moving the rocks and gravels to lay part of the foundation for the toilet’s waste bins below… things that they can help within their means. I was so touched by their actions and glad to know they are so excited about our whole visit as well! (see slideshow below)

All our participants from Singapore are also very excited about this trip, although only 7 of us vs 142 students, we hope we have more members who can commit their precious 5 annual leave days for these kids next year. While friends and relatives who cannot join us, please continue pray for our safety, pray for the kids, pray for the great teachers and principals who are so committed to their work and lastly, pray for the words that come out from our mouths which may inspire/encourage/touch those people whom we encounter with before, during and after the trip.

Thanks y’all and God bless. 🙂

Care always,

Big Roy

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