Hi y’all!

This is the part where we recognise the generosity of our donors for Project Ipoh 2010. Regardless of the amount they have donated, their donations have helped in our efforts to reach out to the less fortunate kids in Asia. We’d like to shout out to the following donors:

  1. Mr. & Mrs Sng (Eugene’s parents)
  2. Lydia
  3. Eugene Lam
  4. Mdm Chong (Effie’s Mum)
  5. Iris’s Mum
  6. Erich Lee & Lilian
  7. Irene Gong
  8. Wong Su Fuen
  9. And donors from Fund Bake Project 2010 (

Special thanks going out to:

  1. Stephanie from Ipoh (Helped arranged for our transportation as well as donated those cute bags for us to use as goodie bags for the kids.)
  2. gooddesignproducts ( – For donating gifts and products to the kids and for our funds raising efforts.

Thank you all once again and this year we will hope to have more activities to engage our friends and colleagues to know us better! Hope to see you all in these events! 🙂

With gratitude,
Big Roy


We visited Praise Girls Home today and invited Praise Boys Home as well to join us in the fun and receive our donations. These 2 homes are started by Church of Praise in Ipoh and has a total of 32 kids in their care. Same as before, these are all orphans and under privilege kids.

These orphans are generally better behaved and easier to control but having 32 kids running around is still quite a feat! We had a lot of fun and ended the whole visitation a little later than planned. Tired and aching all over with loads of mosquito bites, our members were happy and felt great after doing what we were suppose to do for these 3 homes.

You can view our pictures here on Facebook:!/album.php?aid=268359&id=189459588186. Donations can be made directly to them by contacting them at +605 5286941 (Praise Girls Home) and +605 5061721 (Praise Boys Home).

We’ll like to thank all members who made this trip possible with their help in any way… Their tireless dedication is the main source of strength in whatever we do. We’d also like to thank all cash donors through our members, where we will be consolidating and acknowledging in a later post here on our main blogsite. Lastly and most importantly, thanks to God for giving us wisdom and guidance in saying and doing the right things and keeping us from harm in foreign lands.

Here’s wishing all our friends in CGG a very Happy New Year and we’re signing off from Ipoh, Malaysia. 🙂

With gratitude,

Big Roy


We visited Precious Gift Home today. The home is run by Mr Albert Morris and his wife and has 19 children with various backgrounds. Some are abandoned kids who roam the streets, some are abused by their parents, some are from broken families, etc. Every kid has a story behind them and handling them is definitely a challenge. Besides giving them a shelter, Mr Morris with the help from his wife and daughters, have to cook for them, discipline them, send them all to school every morning during school days, bring them to see doctor, haircut, etc… If you think your one or two kids are hard to handle, you have seen nothing yet. Just spending those 5 hours with the kids from different background, it was madness… they may be kids, but because of what they have gone through, they tend to be on defense mode most of the time. Hence they will break into a fight if you do not keep a close eye on their body language or behaviors.

We had experienced it today and understood the difficulties running a home like this. It takes a lot of courage, love and dedication to opt for a life like this. What our members in CGG are doing is just a teeny weeny fraction of the bigger picture. But if more people start doing what we do, there will be more hope for these kids in this tough environment that we live in. No, this is NOT a recruitment bid for our friends in CGG… like I’ve mentioned before in my previous blogs, you can always do something about it in your own choice of charity, at your own pace, with your own companions. As long as you start now, do it and stop giving excuses.

We will be visiting 2 homes tomorrow in one location. They are related brother and sister homes with a total of 33 kids. A bigger challenge definitely, but bring it on, our members are ready. 🙂

For those who would like to contribute directly to Precious Gift Home, please contact them directly at +605-528 7484 or +6016-5459554.  Pictures of our visit can be seen here –>

With Gratitude,

Big Roy