I’ve been talking about this trip for the longest time… since beginning of the year actually. And now, it’s November already, very excited about the trip ‘cos it’s the first time our Care Givers Group (CGG) has ever been to China for charity work. What initially was suppose to be a recce trip of 2-3 members is now a real trip of 7-10 members. We may have more joining us later on even… Very touched by the enthusiasm!

Found out that there are already about 142 students in the school providing for grades 1-6 elementary school. It’s gonna be a feat but well, we will do our best to handle them. The condition of the school is pretty bad. This time we’re just aiming to help fund the building of a proper wooden toilet for about RMB$18,000. A full cemented flush system one would cost about RMB$80,000 which I doubt our small charity group is able to raise in such a short period. So let’s hope to raise more money and then we can build more stuff around the school. You can check out the school’s condition here…

We have donations already coming in from friends and relatives. Hopefully we can raise a good sum to help out this really poor school and educate more kids from Guizhou. A rough schedule will be like this:

28th Dec:

Morning – Fly from Shanghai to Guiyang. Check in hotel.

Afternoon – Buy items for goodie bags and purchase bus tickets.

29th Dec:

Morning – 3 hours rough bus ride to Rongjiang town. Arrive at noon for lunch.

Afternoon – Another 1.5 hours mini bus transfer to school. Activity starts upon arrival. Evening – Stay over a night in the school.

30th Dec: Morning – Head to Rongjiang town to board bus direct to Guiyang airport to head back to Shanghai.

So join us if you can… we need all the help. 🙂

Big Roy

Care Givers Group In China/Project Guizhou 2011

I always believe God has greater things for me to work on in the Greater China… and so I spoke. I spoke to so many people about CGG in Singapore and even attempted to set up the China team, 爱心团, in Shenzhen where I’m based, but I faced many challenges.

One of the challenges was everyone’s character was different. I met one who is a registered volunteer, super over zealous, want to do volunteer work so badly like as though she has a quota to meet! Told her we’re all working people, we can only do charity when we can like weekends. Then I think she got pissed off… Geez…

Talking about working people, that’s the next challenge. An average worker in Shenzhen, be it blue or white collar, annual leave is 4-5 days. Yes, annual paid leave. Hence it is almost impossible for them to join us in our year end trip to the poor parts of China like Guizhou, Guangxi, Heilongjiang and inner Mongolia which requires a little more time to get to these places. So for those who can join us, great! Those who can’t, they can probably help by collecting old clothes for us to distribute to the schools there or raise funds in other ways.

Then there’s another group who thinks that doing charity requires a lot of money. Let me set this right, doing charity do not need a lot of money. You can do charity in the form of individual like donating some spare cash or old clothes to some organisation, or joining a informal group like CGG to help raise funds and collect old clothes, can foods. etc. Joining in the tour to these places which are paid by yourselves are already a huge contribution to the whole charity atmosphere. The children in these areas would be emotionally touched and happy at the same time if they see us visiting them. That is why CGG insist on going to these poor areas to help Asian kids to experience the kind of hardships they go through as well as witness the giving and sharing ourselves. So that when our members talk about the work we do, they speak through their hearts as their hearts have experienced these events.

There are a lot of signs pointing towards Guizhou. Whilst other provinces and cities enjoy the luxury of tourism and agricultural advantage, places like Guizhou lacks of that. I was told the people living in the mountainous areas, rice is rare and they have roots like potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca, etc., for 365 days a year. So I started finding out from people who knows people from Guizhou or those who are working in Shenzhen. Hooked up with a few, who provided me with in depth information which I would never have found out myself. I also found the contacts of one of the primary schools in Congjiang area, southeast of Guizhou, which is very close to Guangxi. Check out the pics of the primary school below:

Old school gate...

Recently someone donated this new school gate... which to me is still filmsy.. but a lot better than the previous!

Typical classroom

Windows outside the classroom

The only way to keep the cold winds from entering the classrooms

Best tables and chairs in the school

Typical condition of the tables and chairs

Some are even spoilt but still being used

Teachers' Workstations...



Check out the 'cubicles'... and the little hole on the plank for waste to drop onto the slope...

Plans for better classrooms with a long corridor in the near future

I strongly encourage parents viewing this to show this to your kids or primary school teachers to show to your students on how lucky they are to have such nice classrooms and studying conditions compared to these kids. Please give us your utmost support when we request for collecting old clothes or participate in any of our fund raising activities. We will make sure those donated items/cash will reach the hands of these needy kids and families.

For the trip this year to Guizhou, I really do not know what to expect, as this is poverty at it’s worst. The trip will be rough, tiring and gruesome. But I know God is watching and He is gonna path the way for us and keep us safe. Join us if you wanna make a difference. Dates will be release after our meeting this Sat. 🙂

Till then, watch this space and Facebook. 再见咯!

With gratitude,

Big Roy


Hi y’all!

This is the part where we recognise the generosity of our donors for Project Ipoh 2010. Regardless of the amount they have donated, their donations have helped in our efforts to reach out to the less fortunate kids in Asia. We’d like to shout out to the following donors:

  1. Mr. & Mrs Sng (Eugene’s parents)
  2. Lydia
  3. Eugene Lam
  4. Mdm Chong (Effie’s Mum)
  5. Iris’s Mum
  6. Erich Lee & Lilian
  7. Irene Gong
  8. Wong Su Fuen
  9. And donors from Fund Bake Project 2010 (

Special thanks going out to:

  1. Stephanie from Ipoh (Helped arranged for our transportation as well as donated those cute bags for us to use as goodie bags for the kids.)
  2. gooddesignproducts ( – For donating gifts and products to the kids and for our funds raising efforts.

Thank you all once again and this year we will hope to have more activities to engage our friends and colleagues to know us better! Hope to see you all in these events! 🙂

With gratitude,
Big Roy


We visited Praise Girls Home today and invited Praise Boys Home as well to join us in the fun and receive our donations. These 2 homes are started by Church of Praise in Ipoh and has a total of 32 kids in their care. Same as before, these are all orphans and under privilege kids.

These orphans are generally better behaved and easier to control but having 32 kids running around is still quite a feat! We had a lot of fun and ended the whole visitation a little later than planned. Tired and aching all over with loads of mosquito bites, our members were happy and felt great after doing what we were suppose to do for these 3 homes.

You can view our pictures here on Facebook:!/album.php?aid=268359&id=189459588186. Donations can be made directly to them by contacting them at +605 5286941 (Praise Girls Home) and +605 5061721 (Praise Boys Home).

We’ll like to thank all members who made this trip possible with their help in any way… Their tireless dedication is the main source of strength in whatever we do. We’d also like to thank all cash donors through our members, where we will be consolidating and acknowledging in a later post here on our main blogsite. Lastly and most importantly, thanks to God for giving us wisdom and guidance in saying and doing the right things and keeping us from harm in foreign lands.

Here’s wishing all our friends in CGG a very Happy New Year and we’re signing off from Ipoh, Malaysia. 🙂

With gratitude,

Big Roy


Dear friends of CGG,

We will be holding our first every fun fund raising event, Fund Bake Project (FBP), to raise additional funds for our beneficiaries (less fortunate kids in Asia). It will be a very relax and casual baking in one of our friend’s house, who is so kind to let us use her place to hold this event. The aim of FBP is to teach busy executives like us how to bake and make simple pleasures like Cupcakes and Tiramisu within the 3 hour period. At the same time, it will be an opportunity for our friends to understand more about what Care Givers Group is all about and how we do it. 🙂 Hope to see you there! 🙂


Date: 11th Dec 2010, Saturday

Venue: 14 Cactus Drive, #06-03 Grand Vista Condominium, Singapore 809689

Time: 2.30pm to 5.30pm

Fee: $25.00 per pax (Max 20 pax) . Light refreshments will be provided. Extra monetary donations are more than welcome.

Coach: One of our committee member, Nur. A busy executive herself, she bakes whenever she can to relieve stress! Who knows, you might find baking your stress reliever as well! 🙂

Booking: Please email us at to confirm your attendance. RSVP by 8th Dec 2010.

Disclaimer: This is not a public event. All monies collected will  be used only for contributions to our beneficiaries. CGG members pay for their own transport and accomodation for all annual charity trips or events.

The Blind Side & It’s Side Effects

Hey folks,

Just caught the movie The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, a super rich woman having the heart to help the less fortunate kids in Memphis and in this case Michael Oher. Leigh Anne noticed that Michael then had no home to stay, she took him in, bought him a bed which he never had before in his life, bought him clothes for a 6’5″ giant, and accepted him as part of her family. the she noticed he has exceptional skills for sports and hence got him into Briarcrest Christian School, got him into the football team, then sports scholarship to play for University of Mississippi and last August, he was drafted as an Offensive Tackle for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL.

There are just too many things to learn from such a movie. An excellent movie title as well. The Blind Side not only talks in American Football terms but also in us, as a living person. We have our blind sides as well and we always fail to look at how others are doing… it’s always about US. “I don’t have time for this, that, etc….” Sounds familiar? I used to say that all the time until sometime in 2008, I took a step back to find myself again and to reflect on life. We are always occupied with our own things and we do not even bother to look at how others are struggling with their lives… In this context, orphans.

This movie displays the unconditional love and compassion that Leigh Anne showered on Michael that moved me so much inside. It proves one thing that these orphans, normal or handicap ones, may have some talents in them which we need to take the time to discover. An autistic kid may be excellent in math or science and another retarded kid may have a heart of gold which he/she may even influence those around him/her. And upon discovering these qualities or even their characters, you might even discover something which you’ll never experience on your own. Like what Sandra said in the movie in response to a question on how Michael has changed since she took him in. She replied:”It’s him that changed me.” I teared after that… on top of other moving moments.

How true… Often than not, we take for granted for many things in our lives from the simplest of things from a bed to sleep on or food to eat, not to mention a roof over our heads. There are kids out there in shelters, homes and orphanages who are hoping for that little ray of light that their parents might come by one day to visit them, not to even hope for taking them back home. I was reading an article by a lady who visited a home in Ipoh with her daughter (which we will be visiting as well) and she chanced upon a little girl. So she asked the girl what does she want for her birthday, the little girl replied:”Mummy”… If I was there then, I would have cried badly. These kids are so innocent and they have been let down by their own parents already and what we can do is to help within our means to let them know there are people out there like Leigh Anne, who really cares unconditionally.

After watching the movie and writing this blog, reaffirmed my initial intention and vision to start Care Givers Group. I share this pride with the committee members and members who have contributed in any way and sharing the same dream as I do in bringing joy & hope to the less fortunate kids in Asia. And may CGG continue this vision for years to come. Thank you y’all.


Big Roy

Project Cambodia 2009 A Success!

It all started with a little dream of mine, we formulated the plans, made the necessary arrangements and the entire trip was a success!

Care Givers Group (CGG) trip to Cambodia from 27-31 Dec 2009 was a resounding success and we couldn’t have done it without the help from so many people!

Firstly, I would like to give thanks to God for His guidance and constant protection over all members throughout the trip.

I would like to also thank all friends of our members who have contributed in the form of clothes and cash. Your contributions gave us more mileage when we were buying for the kids. The names of the cash donors are:

  1. Sandra Koh
  2. Manoj Gupta
  3. DJ
  4. Steve
  5. Chong
  6. Effie (Extra contribution)
  7. Rajdeep Kaur
  8. Emily Wong
  9. Andrea Entoney
  10. All members of CGG

Last but not least, special thanks are going out to all CGG members for their commitment, hard work and contributions. I wouldn’t have done it without everyone’s effort and you made this dream come true which resulted in brightening up so many kids! Please continue in your own way, influencing those around you to do like wise. 

Pictures are already loaded on our Facebook Page. Please check them out! I’m looking forward to our trip this year already. Venue yet to be decided but definitely in Asia as CGG aims to help less fortunate kids in Asia only. Hopefully we will have more support from our friends and associates this year so that we can scale up our projects annually. Hope those who missed out last year will join us this year. Set aside 5-7 days for us!

This has been an unforgettable experience, a great Christmas gift and a lovely advance birthday present.

Thank you all and may the Lord be with us! 🙂


Yours thankfully,

Big Roy