Care Givers Group In China/Project Guizhou 2011

I always believe God has greater things for me to work on in the Greater China… and so I spoke. I spoke to so many people about CGG in Singapore and even attempted to set up the China team, 爱心团, in Shenzhen where I’m based, but I faced many challenges.

One of the challenges was everyone’s character was different. I met one who is a registered volunteer, super over zealous, want to do volunteer work so badly like as though she has a quota to meet! Told her we’re all working people, we can only do charity when we can like weekends. Then I think she got pissed off… Geez…

Talking about working people, that’s the next challenge. An average worker in Shenzhen, be it blue or white collar, annual leave is 4-5 days. Yes, annual paid leave. Hence it is almost impossible for them to join us in our year end trip to the poor parts of China like Guizhou, Guangxi, Heilongjiang and inner Mongolia which requires a little more time to get to these places. So for those who can join us, great! Those who can’t, they can probably help by collecting old clothes for us to distribute to the schools there or raise funds in other ways.

Then there’s another group who thinks that doing charity requires a lot of money. Let me set this right, doing charity do not need a lot of money. You can do charity in the form of individual like donating some spare cash or old clothes to some organisation, or joining a informal group like CGG to help raise funds and collect old clothes, can foods. etc. Joining in the tour to these places which are paid by yourselves are already a huge contribution to the whole charity atmosphere. The children in these areas would be emotionally touched and happy at the same time if they see us visiting them. That is why CGG insist on going to these poor areas to help Asian kids to experience the kind of hardships they go through as well as witness the giving and sharing ourselves. So that when our members talk about the work we do, they speak through their hearts as their hearts have experienced these events.

There are a lot of signs pointing towards Guizhou. Whilst other provinces and cities enjoy the luxury of tourism and agricultural advantage, places like Guizhou lacks of that. I was told the people living in the mountainous areas, rice is rare and they have roots like potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca, etc., for 365 days a year. So I started finding out from people who knows people from Guizhou or those who are working in Shenzhen. Hooked up with a few, who provided me with in depth information which I would never have found out myself. I also found the contacts of one of the primary schools in Congjiang area, southeast of Guizhou, which is very close to Guangxi. Check out the pics of the primary school below:

Old school gate...

Recently someone donated this new school gate... which to me is still filmsy.. but a lot better than the previous!

Typical classroom

Windows outside the classroom

The only way to keep the cold winds from entering the classrooms

Best tables and chairs in the school

Typical condition of the tables and chairs

Some are even spoilt but still being used

Teachers' Workstations...



Check out the 'cubicles'... and the little hole on the plank for waste to drop onto the slope...

Plans for better classrooms with a long corridor in the near future

I strongly encourage parents viewing this to show this to your kids or primary school teachers to show to your students on how lucky they are to have such nice classrooms and studying conditions compared to these kids. Please give us your utmost support when we request for collecting old clothes or participate in any of our fund raising activities. We will make sure those donated items/cash will reach the hands of these needy kids and families.

For the trip this year to Guizhou, I really do not know what to expect, as this is poverty at it’s worst. The trip will be rough, tiring and gruesome. But I know God is watching and He is gonna path the way for us and keep us safe. Join us if you wanna make a difference. Dates will be release after our meeting this Sat. 🙂

Till then, watch this space and Facebook. 再见咯!

With gratitude,

Big Roy

CGG Fund Raising Project – Car Boot Sale!

Hi friends of CGG,

We will be participating in the upcoming car boot sale to raise funds for our annual charity trip this year. We are targeting to give our food and money to help at least 3 poor orphanages in Ipoh this year end. Hence your support for the items we are selling would definitely be a great help to help us do more in our target destination. Please check out more information below for the event:

What: CGG Car Boot Sale

When: 22nd and 23rd May (Sat & Sun)

Where: Playground @ Big Splash (Carpark in front of Carl’s Jr.) Add: 902 East Coast Parkway (S) 449874

Pic from

Time: 1100hrs – 1900hrs (Both days)

Offer: We will have 2 cars there at anytime. Would be great if we can find another car.

Car 1 – CLEAN 2nd hand and new branded clothes & kids clothes. Selling very cheap. Come and grab before they are all gone.

Car 2 – Gifts & Lifestyle Products donated from gooddesignproducts.

Car 3 – If possible, more Gifts & Lifestyle Products to sell off!

Payment: CASH ONLY

So come and support us at the event and keep a lookout for our signage with in the name of ‘Care Givers Group‘. Please get ready loads of cash if you are really coming to support us in the event by buying really good stuffs at super low prices. If you have stuff to contribute to us to sell at the sale, please bring along as well and leave it with any of our members present there.

For volunteers who would like to help out, please drop us an email at at least 3 days before the event so that we have time to make arrangements. If anyone who would like to lend us their car and be there to help out as well, will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

See you all soon and keep the faith!

God bless!

Big Roy