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Every year we have a fund raising event to help raise a little fund to help us reach out to more poor children for our charity trips to somewhere in Asia. But the main purpose is to actually keep in touch with our friends, relatives and colleagues who have been supporting us for our projects since we started CGG in March 2009. We find such activities very meaningful amidst our busy lives and also to help those who are new to us understand our work better.

Fund Bake 2014 is back again for the 3rd time after previous 2 successful attempts and this year we will be holding the event in a proper baking school with proper baking facilities at Bakerz@Work! So what’s on the menu? Check out the details below:

Fund Bake 2014 – Learn to bake a Rainbow Cake!

This is a program with hands on and demo. We will be embarking on a journey to do 5 layers of different coloured moist butter cake and smother over with cream cheese buttercream, topped with yummy cheese frosting! Yes, you get to bring home what you made on that day! (Base on pairing basis)

Date: 30th November 2014, Sunday

Time: 2pm to 5.30pm

Venue: Bakerz@Work

Address: 605, Macpherson Road, #01-18 Citymac Industrial Complex, Singapore 368239 (Taiseng MRT station is just 3 mins walk away)

Fees: $75 nett per pax ($10 will go to our fund for helping needy children in Asia, balance is for the coaching and materials from the baking school). Children are allowed under close supervision of their parents only at same price. Payable at the door. Extra donations are definitely welcomed! 😉

Registration Online: (Maximum 20 pax only. While space last! )


Rainbow Cake

So hurry register your interest before all the spaces are snapped up!

With gratitude,

Care Givers Group Committee



This is why Care Givers Group exist! Check out this link –

For those who don’t understand Chinese, I have used Google Translator to translate the text below:

Zhongguang Wang Guiyang news (November 28 reporters mong hai Guizhou Taiwan Song Jiajian, Ranting Ting) Bay Zhai Xiang, Lane County, Long six-Canton Elementary School is located deep in the mountains, there are 232 students, of which more than half of children are far away from home every day with a meal to go a few hours of mountain road to school in September this year, the school struggled to raise funds nearly 2 million will be an idle classrooms turned into a love canteen, free hot meals to the students, due to the poor condition of children’s living conditions are still very hard.

Noon, after school, the children went to the cafeteria line up to receive food. The reporters found that in their lunch boxes, it is difficult to see the meat dishes, almost to the edge of each child’s lunch box, stood a jar of home, peppers, pickles, dinner, the children carefully scoop a teaspoon of .

Reporter: I see, all finished? Luoqian: right. Reporter: enough to pay for? Luoqian: enough. Reporter: the next release of this small bottles filled with what? Luoqian: cabbage, my mother gave me, I am one week with a bottle. Reporter: one week with a bottle is enough? Luoqian: Enough.

In conversation with the children, the reporter learned that, before noon often with chili eating cold rice brought hunger, especially in winter when food is often cold and too hard to swallow, and now they have to eat hot meals am very happy. Wang Taotao: now every day to eat such a hot meal, we were both very happy and very warm.

For children in the developing growth, however, such food is far from being able to meet the nutritional needs.

After lunch, the reporter went to a student dormitory, the school for 30 students away from home as far as freeing up a few idle classrooms as temporary quarters, so that they do not have braved the cold in the winter school run, but very primitive dorm conditions .

Reporter (Song Jiajian): I touch a bit and found that these children are very thin quilt, and the beds are very simple, only one layer of linen, straw and cardboard sheets shop below are in the mountains of Guizhou winter. temperatures are often several degrees below zero, this house there is no heating equipment, we can not imagine these kids how to resist the cold winter.

Reporter: When did you start to live in, ah? Luo Ting: 3 weeks. Reporter: there lived many people? Luo Ting: 13 girls. Reporter: I just touch your bed is very thin at night to sleep cold? Luo Ting: cold. Reporter: cold, how to do it? Luo Ting: can a girl sleep, or called another girl sleep with me. Reporter: sleep two people want to warm a little, right? Luo Ting: ah. Reporter: Now the school have hot water with you? Luo Ting: afternoon, morning, afternoon, too late, then the water would be finished, we can only wash in cold water. Reporter: That winter so more cool, wash in cold water can stand it? Luo Ting: can not stand. Reporter: most want to what? Luo Ting: I hope every day morning, hot water, hot water to wash us.

Reporter: I ask the bed is it? Wang Dingpeng: the two of us. Reporter: How would two people sleep together? Wang Dingpeng: the bedspace enough. Reporter: sleep two people do not squeeze squeeze? Luochuan Hui: not crowded. Reporter: live inside the school to get used to you? Wang Dingpeng: You can also. Luochuan Hui: Basically habits. Reporter: most want to what? Wang Dingpeng: meat.

The principal told reporters that the current school there are many in need of residential students, his greatest hope is to allow children to study in a better living environment.

Journalists: Luoxiao Zhang, now inside the school students need to stay more than you? Principal Luoshi Kang: Now the students you want to stay a lot, there are already 30 students came in, there are more than 20 of the urgent need to live on campus, the current difficulties of our school, our school dormitory is idle classrooms to alteration, no idle classrooms, as well as students of beds is too simple, very humble. Reporter: The schools most in need of something? Principals Luoshi Kang: The school is now urgently needed is the students’ beds, as well as students for the winter quilts and cotton-padded clothes, heating coal-fired, the very lack of supplies for the winter here, because they are mostly from poor families students, I hope the community of caring people to give our school a great deal of help, let them feel at ease in the winter living and learning.

We are here to leave the school’s telephone number, +86 18934459858, contacts, Luo Xiaozhang, I hope these children get the help of the community, so that they can eat delicious meals in the coming winter, warm fall asleep

Those who wish to help. please contact the principal directly. Thanks y’all!

With gratitude,

Big Roy