Project Guizhou team arrived in Shanghai after a 5+ hours flight from Singapore yesterday. After checking in hotel, we went straight to Metro megamart to buy goodies for the kids. We decided to up the budget a little more so that the kids have more to go around in their goodie bags.

After shopping, we head on to have our late dinner almost 10pm. We had a fabulous BBQ dinner by the roadside in the cold winter weather. Everyone loved the food!

Departing for Guizhou this morning… more updates soon. 🙂

Big Roy ;P



I’ve been talking about this trip for the longest time… since beginning of the year actually. And now, it’s November already, very excited about the trip ‘cos it’s the first time our Care Givers Group (CGG) has ever been to China for charity work. What initially was suppose to be a recce trip of 2-3 members is now a real trip of 7-10 members. We may have more joining us later on even… Very touched by the enthusiasm!

Found out that there are already about 142 students in the school providing for grades 1-6 elementary school. It’s gonna be a feat but well, we will do our best to handle them. The condition of the school is pretty bad. This time we’re just aiming to help fund the building of a proper wooden toilet for about RMB$18,000. A full cemented flush system one would cost about RMB$80,000 which I doubt our small charity group is able to raise in such a short period. So let’s hope to raise more money and then we can build more stuff around the school. You can check out the school’s condition here…

We have donations already coming in from friends and relatives. Hopefully we can raise a good sum to help out this really poor school and educate more kids from Guizhou. A rough schedule will be like this:

28th Dec:

Morning – Fly from Shanghai to Guiyang. Check in hotel.

Afternoon – Buy items for goodie bags and purchase bus tickets.

29th Dec:

Morning – 3 hours rough bus ride to Rongjiang town. Arrive at noon for lunch.

Afternoon – Another 1.5 hours mini bus transfer to school. Activity starts upon arrival. Evening – Stay over a night in the school.

30th Dec: Morning – Head to Rongjiang town to board bus direct to Guiyang airport to head back to Shanghai.

So join us if you can… we need all the help. 🙂

Big Roy